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About us

We are a brand which cares for the customers. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in 2017

We started the My Paint by Numbers website in 2017. We looked at some of the main websites that were selling DIY paint by number.

We found that they have limited size options and framing options. So we started this website to help you to select from a variety of painting options.

We announced the

Multi-Color selection options in 2018

We found that most of the websites are selling only 24 colors paint by number. So we thought that we can improve the quality of the painting if we increase the number of colors. 

So we added 36 and 48 color options to our catalog. 

You can make

Own Photo Art Like Van Gogh

In the second quarter of 2019, we announced custom art paintings. Now you can make your paintings look like Van Gogh art. There are multiple options to customize your own picture. 

You can make amazing artwork with your own photos.

Thousands of

Painting Options to select

We have more than 1000+ designs in our store and we are adding more and more. 

If you didn’t find your favorite design you can always customize it.

Three Core Rules of our Business

We always take care of our three core rules in our business. This is the main reason we got a lot of love and support from you. Here are our three core rules that we always follow.

  • Customer is God
  • Quality is King
  • Customer Support is the key to success

We are working hard to improve our product and support quality. If you know more about us you can get in touch with us by email.

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